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Augustas and I put our heads together to help sellers in the Orange Klik community because we saw a problem. We saw sellers looking at this business completely upside down. Wasting money on promotions like rebate giveaways and dumping dollars into traffic from PPC before they fixed their fundamentals.

They spend more and more on promotions and ads, only to watch their margins continue to thin down - This is the trap we’ve seen thousands of sellers get caught in and one of the top complaints we hear from sellers trying to succeed in this business. 

If you've been there you should know that there is an answer to this problem and we've figured it out. It is to go back and fix the "foundation" of the business: your conversion. The way to do this is though scientifically formulated expert listing content. 

Let us be your guide

The difference between the top 1% of sellers making all of the profit and the millions of other struggling sellers is the ability to get the right customer on the highest converting listing.

It all comes down to clicks and conversions.

I built the team at Sophie because no one else was taking a scientific and truth-based approach to increasing visibility and conversions by getting the right customers and the right content to convert visitors into buyers.

Listing Optimization Suite

Build high converting listings.

Content is king and at Sophie we have a team of professional copywriters, graphic designers, and photographers dedicated to getting you everything you need to improve your Amazon listings.

Through our partnership with Gary, we have built the Listing Optimization Suite, with several offerings, just for students of 7 Figure Seller Summit. With these 3 essential services we will make your products stand out from your competition and succeed on Amazon. These services include: Copywriting, EBC (A+) Design, and Product Photography.

Currently we have several mix-and-match variations of our Listing Optimization Suite. Each of them tackles listings at different stages of development.
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A+ (EBC) Design

Great EBC or A+ content can increase conversions and revenues by up to 10%.

Our EBC content won’t just tell your brand’s story or delve deeper into the features and benefits of your products – We will also help you cross sell or up sell while customers scroll down to learn more.

It’s a formula we have developed through years of research and by examining the listings of more than 10,000 top performers.

Product Photography

At Sophie, we recognize that 90% of the information communicated to the brain is through visuals. A photoset that conveys quality and value can turn window shoppers into buyers.

Therefore, our team of renowned product photographers work tirelessly to showcase your product’s best features and benefits along with your brand’s story through stunning images that drive up click rates, conversions and sales.

Your photoset comes ready to upload to Amazon, with expertly crafted benefits graphics, features graphics, and use-case and x-factor graphics. Your final package includes not just a set of photos, but a set of Amazon optimized images ready to load.


Listing Copy

  • $497.00
  • ​Expert proprietary keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Title, bullet points, back end keywords, description

EBC Design

  • $897.00
  • ​EBC Copy
  • EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula (
  • 1 Revision

Product Photography

  • $1,497
  • ​10 final photos of product
  • Solo shot, in-use shot, benefits graphic, features graphic

Listing Copy + EBC

  • $1,297.00
  • ​Bundle!
*Photos provided by the client + stock photos

Copy + Photography

  • $1,797.00
  • Bundle!

Copy + EBC + Photos

  • $2,497.00
  • Full suite

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